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Voxlon Offers BGA chip level servicing for Laptop motherboards, Desktop Motherboards, Server Motherboards & Medical Equipment Motherboards. Our service center have experts for Laptop servicing , Laptop repair, Intel Motherboard repair, Desktop repair, Motherboard repair, Motherboard replacement, Server maintenance, Laptop screen repair, LED Repair and replacement, Computer repair, Laptop keyboard repair, Hardware repair, Laptop maintenance, Data recovery, Pc repair and laptop service training. Computer troubles seriously affect the profit and growth of your business.One reason for this trouble is the extreme dependency on technology. If your system fails to work, business process such as billing, accounting, customer service, and communications cannot be completed. Hence, a business enterprise can’t do well without functional computer systems

What We Do

🛠️ Virus Removal, Malware Removal, Spyware Removal, Adware Removal, Trojan Removal

🛠️ Laptop Repair (From screen/LCD replacement to bringing the dead back to life.

🛠️ Hardware Troubleshooting and Installs

🛠️ Software Troubleshooting and Installs

🛠️ Install Windows OS / Linux

🛠️ Laptop Keyboard Repair

🛠️ Back Cover Replacement

You can rely on us for quick and effective mobile screen repair Dubai services. For speaker issues, screen problems, touchpad issue or any other type of mobile device problems, we have a team of skilled technicians at our place. If you are suffering from mobile problems and looking for a trusted mobile repair service provider in Dubai, call 0553200489 We are here to help you.

Why Choose Us

Pick and Drop Service

We have pick and drop service for your damaged gadgets which makes more convient for the customers.

Work Guarantee

We have trained engineers who provide you with all the support you need to solve your technology related problems.

Low Price

We are the best gadget repair solution providers with affordable price in this market.

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