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Voxlon.com Privacy Notice (Updated 12/23/2020)

Voxlon.com and our subsidiaries and affiliates respect your privacy. You agree to accept the information stated in this policy. The privacy policy from Voxlon.com makes users aware of the privacy practices and of the choices that can be made by the user about the way in which the user’s information is collected and used. If you do not agree to this privacy policy, please do not use the website.
Please note that Voxlon.com reserve the right to remove, change and modify any part of this policy. Each time you use Voxlon.com, you should check the date of this privacy policy (dated above) and review any changes that have been stated from your last visit to Voxlon.com. Your use of Voxlon.com after the posting of changes means that you are in acceptance of the Voxlon.com changing.


Users accept that they are of legal age to create financial obligations and any liabilities that may occur as a result of using Voxlon.com. Voxlon.com is not directed to children under the age of 13. The information collected by Voxlon.com does not knowingly collect, or wish to gather, personally identifiable information from children. If Voxlon.com does become aware that a user is under 13 years of age and does not have prior parental or guardian consent, then the users personally identifiable information will be removed from its files.

Collected Information from Voxlon.com

Voxlon.com may collect two types of information "personally identifiable information" which is information that can potentially be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a user of Voxlon.com, such as name, email address, postal address, telephone and birth date. "Aggregate information" such as site time surfing, visit frequencies and browser types are non-personally identifiable information. No single person can be identified by aggregate information.
On Voxlon.com products or services can be ordered and users can register to receive materials. Personally identifiable information collected on Voxlon.com may include community forums, testimonials, product reviews/ratings, content, diaries, profiles, photographs, names, unique identifiers (e.g., passwords), contact and billing information (e.g., email address, postal address, telephone, fax), and transaction information.
In order to provide a better service to users, Voxlon.com may ask information such as their interests, experience of the products and demographics.


Voxlon.com uses cookies, cookies are a unique text file that may be used for data analysis that enables a web site to tailor information presented to a user based on a user’s browsing program. Cookies may be used to personalize a user’s page on Voxlon.com by remembering a user’s products or services or by tracking visits. The user may set the browser to reject cookies or set the browser to notify if cookies are being sent. Cookies that are not accepted on the browsing program may affect the user’s ability in exploring the features of Voxlon.com such as products and services.
Ads from third parties and their third parties may appear on the site; these sites might be from Google and other advertisers. The information used from Voxlon.com to show these third parties advertisements are from aggregate information. To see more about Google cookies, and how to "opt out" of Google’s email/information lists,
Please visit http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/

Log files

Administration of Voxlon.com or trend tracking may automatically occur from aggregate information, this personally non identify information may include IP address, domain name, browser type, date and time of access, and other log file data.

Voxlon.com’s use of collected Information

The information of personally identify information may be used though is not limited to, understanding and creating content, statistical analysis, sending surveys for market research, sending more information about a product if the user requests, improving products, services and features, helping to complete a transaction, helping for customer support, communication to the user, update users of products, services and information, enforce site terms, website personalization, website changes notifications, allowing the purchase of products and other activities on Voxlon.com. Voxlon.com is not responsible for any consequences which may occur as a result of the personally identifiable information being submitted publicly.
Surveys are not mandatory and Voxlon.com will notify you if information taken from the surveys will be publicly disclosed. If information is ever disclosed it will be anonymous. This disclosure of information will be for the purposes of sharing survey results with the site population, Voxlon.com advertisers and publicizing overall usage data for press communications. Users are not licensed to add other users to Voxlon.com without consent.
Voxlon.com encouraging users to check the policies of Voxlon.com transaction partners before using these transaction partners.
Voxlon.com will not share any personally identification information with any other party outside Voxlon.com’s corporate family and service providers that include product shipping, credit card processing, technical support or others unless acting on Voxlon.com’s behalf. These third party service providers are prohibited from using the user’s information for any other reason, this includes their marketing.
Personally identifiable information may be disclosed without the users consent to law enforcements through subpoenas, court orders, legal processes, exercising of legal rights or defending against claims, including fraud or infringement investigations.
Voxlon.com personally identifiable information and non identifiable information will be automatically stored in the United Arab Emirates.


Voxlon.com’s receiving of direct marketing material is optional, instructions are provided in every email allowing the removal from the emailing list.


Users may be able to upload photographs to Voxlon.com for testimonials, contests and other activities that will be stated at the time. For these purposes public viewings, sayings and downloading of photographs may be allowed. In submission of photograph users waive their privacy expectations and Voxlon.com's the use or exploitation of users’ likeness. All photographs submitted to Voxlon.com will not be returned and become the property of Voxlon.com.

Third Party Links

Links to third parties are present in order to give a better experience to the user. Once a user uses one of these links, the user leaves Voxlon.com. Not all of these third party sites have been reviewed, Voxlon.com is not responsible for these sites. The privacy policy of these sites should be viewed by the user before using these sites. The user accesses such sites at user’s own risk.

Data Access

Personally identifiable information collected by Voxlon.com can be viewed by contacting Voxlon.com below. Voxlon.com will respond to requests for access within (30) days. Users may be denied access if an increase of technical effort occurs; the privacy of other users jeopardized or is impractical such as requests for information from backup tapes.


Voxlon.com has appropriate security measures in play in order to prevent unauthorized access to a user’s information. Voxlon.com uses encryption for a user’s personally identifiable information. Voxlon.com cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never defeat these measures to prevent improper use of personally identifiable information.
Voxlon.com’s internal staff has a need-to-know basis of knowledge. These individuals are bound by confidentiality agreements.
Passwords for user accounts should be unique and include letters, numbers and other special characters. Passwords should never be shown to another person as this may lose control of the user account. Users are responsible for all actions taken in their accounts. If passwords are compromised contact Voxlon.com, users should change passwords every so often in order to keep accounts secure.

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